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Pharmacy Technician 101: Introduction                                    

During this course, students will be introduced to the past, present and future of pharmacy practice. Key attributes and skills of the professional pharmacy technician are covered, as well as foundational concepts on communication, customer service, patient care, pharmacy law and professional ethics.


Lessons covered:

  • Brief introduction

  • The role of the pharmacy technician

  • Pharmacy as a regulated Profession

  • Communication and customer care

  • Pharmacy law and ethics


Pharmacy Technician 102: Introduction to Pharmacy Practice              

During this course students will be introduced to the key concept of pharmacy technicians’ field, including, drug approval and naming process, legal classifications of medications, and route of administration and dosage form.


Lessons covered:

  • Requirements of the pharmacy area

  • Drug approval process

  • Naming of drug products

  • Legal classifications of medicinal products

  • Dosage form and route of administration


Pharmacy Technician 103: Pharmacy Technician Practice                                 

During this course the students will focus on hospital, retail, and community-base pharmacy practice. The students will review the characteristics of hospital and community-based pharmacies and the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy technicians. This course will also cover legal and ethical considerations in filling orders, and the OBRA law.


Lessons covered:

  • Legal and ethical considerations in filling orders

  • The OBRA law

  • Requirements of the drug order

  • Intake and interpreting the drug order in a retail environment

  • Interpretation of the hospital drug order

  • Medication order and patient profile


Pharmacy Technician 104: Pharmacy Math Part 1                                             

During this course students will start from beginning with a review of basic math skills which are required for more advanced calculations that will be cover later on in this course. This course will also cover methods and systems of measurement.


Lessons covered:

  • Introduction to pharmacy math

  • System of measurement

  • Conversions

  • Methods of measurement

  • Proportions

  • Preparation and delivery in retail and hospital


Pharmacy Technician 105: Pharmacy Maintenance and Handling Control Substance

During this course students will focus on how to handle control substance, specifically on ordering and receiving controlled drugs. In addition students will also cover storage requirement of drug products, reconstituted antibiotic storage and stability, and stock rotation


Lessons covered:

  • Methods of ordering pharmacy inventory

  • Receipt of pharmacy inventory

  • Maintenance of pharmacy inventory

  • Handling sterile and non-sterile product

Pharmacy Technician 106: Pharmacy Math Part 2                                              

This course will build upon the material covered in Pharmacy Math Part 1 and expends into more advanced and complex mathematical procedures and completed by pharmacy technicians. During this course students will specifically focus on solving calculation of non-sterile compounding, adult dosage calculation, and pediatric and parenteral calculations.


Lessons covered:

  • Compounding

  • Calculating patient payment for prescription medication

  • Calculating adult dosages

  • Calculating pediatric dosages

  • Parenteral calculations

Pharmacy Technician 107: Pharmacy Billing Process and Introduction to


During this billing, which will cover types of third party prescription plans, Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) and prior authorization (claim adjudication and reconciliation, as well as type of claim rejections). Students will also be introduced to organ systems and disease state and their associate risk factors.course students will focus on third party


Lessons covered:

  • Third Party bill billing of prescriptions

  • Handling returned pharmaceutical products

  • Introduction to equivalence

  • Overview of organ system review

  • Disease state and their associate risk factors


Pharmacy Technician 108: Pharmacology Part 1                                                 

This course will provided in-depth study of the anatomy and physiology, common diseases, and treatments associated with various body systems, including cardiac, respiratory system, and Nervous Systems.


Lessons covered:

  • Introduction to pharmacology

  • Drugs used in the treatment of cardiac conditions

  • Drugs used in the treatment of respiratory problems

  • Drugs used in the treatment of diabetes


Pharmacy Technician 109: Pharmacology Part 2                                     

This course is continuation of Pharmacology part 1 and during this course students will focus on the rest of the organ system and common diseases and treatments associated with central nervous system, gastrointestinal, and as well as drugs used in the treatment of infections.


Lessons covered:

  • Selected central nervous system drugs

  • Drugs used in the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions

  • Drugs used in the treatment of infections


Pharmacy Technician 110: Pharmacokinetics                                                     

During this course students will be introduced to the body’s action on drug products, the use of natural products, vitamins and minerals, commonly used products, and as well as vaccine use. Also this course will cover medication therapy Management.


Lessons covered:

  • Introductions to pharmacokinetics

  • Medication therapy management

  • Dietary supplements

  • Immunizations


Pharmacy Technician 111: Work Environment Safety                            

During this course students will focus on how to properly maintain safe work environment and reduce medication errors while handling medications, especially hazardous waste.


Lessons covered:

  • Pharmacy administration

  • Maintaining a safe work environment

  • Reducing medication errors


Pharmacy Technician 112: Review and Career Preparedness                            

During this course students will review and prepare for the national Certification Exams as well the final exam for the course. Also this course will provide instruction oh how to evaluate career path options, write professional resumes, and how to properly handle job interviews.


 Lessons Covered:

  • Preparing for certification

  • Exploring career Paths

  • Resumes and interviews


Pharmacy Technician 113: Final Exam                                                      

During this course students will review and take the Final exam (PTCB practice exam)


Lessons Covered:

  • Review

  • Final Exam (PTCB practice exam)

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