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About Us

At Pharmakeia, your success comes first! We're fully devoted to delivering hands-on education that meets the demands of today's industry, ensuring our students thrive.

At Pharmakeia Pre-Pharmaceutical School, we empower and train aspiring pharmacy technicians to deliver top-notch care in their fields. Our holistic pharmacy technician training stems from a profound dedication to you— the learner striving for a brighter future. Let us guide you, and together, we'll pave the way for an exciting new career journey.

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About Us

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Our History 

While training Prior Authorization Pharmacy Technician II for Coverage Determination and Appeals (CD&A) and discussing the cost of preparatory programs for PTCB exams with students, it became apparent that despite their steep prices and extensive time commitments, these programs fail to cover the crucial cost of PTCB examination fees— which is the students' primary concern. This realization underscores why Pharmakeia Pre-Pharmaceutical School guarantees low-cost, one-time


PTCB exam fee payment and swift completion within a reasonable timeframe.

As the role of pharmacists continues to expand into providing more clinical services, pharmacy technicians are increasingly relied upon to take on new responsibilities. Therefore, PTCB Certification is essential, as technicians play an integral role in the pharmacy team, providing vital support to pharmacists. Pharmakeia Pre-Pharmaceutical School's CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician) preparatory program meets the requirements for graduates to apply to the nationally recognized Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and earn their CPhT certification. These courses cater to high school graduates, college students aspiring to enter the pharmacy field (particularly first-generation graduates and those with family responsibilities), adults seeking a career change, or individuals interested in healthcare professions.

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Our aim is to lead in the professional development of pharmacy technicians by offering outstanding educational programs. These programs are designed to improve patient health outcomes while ensuring affordable, one-time payment of PTCB exam fees and swift completion within a reasonable timeframe.

Our Vision

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We strive to offer robust educational foundations that prepare students for diverse roles across pharmaceutical fields, instilling professionalism, and ethical conduct within their work environments. Upon successful completion, graduates receive a certificate of completion, unlocking pathways to a fulfilling career.

Our Mission

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